Life is what happens to you when you are busy making plans...that's why I don't ask me what are you going to do tomorrow...I will tell you I have n.O__i.D.e.A ;)

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Too good

Giving fate a chance
I leave
the stars
to decide.
I know in God I believe.

Molding myself
so I can face
every grief.
No heart...
just a shattered mirror in place.

There lies my reflection
as it should
took me
a minute...
It's too good.

Why be modest
If I could
I would
tell the world
I am too good.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Something I dug up (Written last year)

Wooden planks laid adjacent beneath 
Sown together with a bed of nails 
A rod that bolstered a pair of sails 
Stood steady contingent upon the seas

Without cargo it travelled till now 
Yet albatross was a lone passenger 
He knew not how to cry nor how to anger 
And always led with a smile and bow 

Keeping the tiller aimed forward 
Straight and pointed as an arrow 
Drowning the old sail man’s sorrow 
Came the fervour of the merciless wave

Like a lavish gift from God 
The sadness could not reach 
He knew not how to beseech 
No new hopes were born at all

Continuing the journey on his saddle 
Head kept looking afar 
The water swallowed his guitar 
Hence losing the tune of his paddle

He struck a bargain with himself 
His dreams knew not defeat nor vengeance 
Anticipation can’t escape price and penance 
Apprehended from what once was 

Taking a chance with the sky 
He plead for help like a dying man 
With the hopes of an enduring plan 
But it was time to say goodbye

Granted now it was up or down 
What once was, is no longer his own 
The tale could be told if he had grown 
He succumbed to let his fate unfold

Unravelling a twisted spiral 
The water filling fast within 
Flashes come of what has been 
All will be gone in a while

Parts of his body had been forsaken 
He became a broken sail man 
Never learning how to abandon 
Only to have his possessions taken

-The Broken Sail Man 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

It took me 1 2 3

It wasn't right away
Had I known
I could have saved myself
from getting lost
I would have flipped the switch
in my head

I have a picture perfect nothing
I should have spoken
Before it became too real
I have got to turn away in
3 2 1...nope I am still there
sitting at the crossroads

Come follow me down
the winding wire
directing me where to go
Take a polaroid
for that empty frame
in my mind

It's not so predictable
like that hand
on my watch
it can only go around
my wrist
can't go in reverse

So let's go back to fall
before this cold winter
when everything was frozen
under my jacket and scarf
were my loving veins

Monday, 26 January 2015

A moment

Whenever a life changing situation arises, I am reminded of how my blog is the perfect place to document my experiences. So, never would I have predicted the series of events leading up to this day--the day I move to San Francisco. It all happened so fast. Sure moving to a new city doesn't seem like much at first mention. But the spontaneity is what gets to me--since when did my decisions become so life-altering? I guess growing up happens so fast and all at once, it can be overwhelming at times! And even now, nothing is a "given" which is what bugs me and yet motivates me! I do not know how the job hunt in SF will go...I do not how long it will take...all I know is I am not going to give up. I have made it pretty far when it comes to jumping hurdles...doing whatever it takes to get out of obstacles that have arisen till this point in my life. All that practice cannot go to waste...nope not now.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Hey, 15-year-old-me....

Hey, are in high school now and you have (n.o__i.d.e.a.), but the next 7 years of your life are going to drastically change who you are and how you live. There will be some surprises but you will not regret any of it because every experience you have will become a part of you. The happy times, the sad times, and the boring times...I hope you remember them all. But the one important thing you learn is that even though it hurts now...I mean it will really hurt and you will be stressed will need to keep a strong head on more than one occasion...I still need to tell you not to give up. Because if you give up, it will be the end of those dreams. Keep that steady mind of yours steady always and I am so sure it will end up being great. Why am I telling you this...? Because, man I wish someone had warned me and told me to be prepared.